About Us

Who We Are ?

Zip Zap Zoom is a vehicle rental booking platform which enables customers to book Bikes, Self-drive cars, Chauffeur driven cars & Buses (12 to 50 seating) for rent-on-line with ease. Prices of all rental vehicles from various vendors will be listed on the site and customer can choose the one which fits his / her budget.

Our Vision

Zip Zap Zoom aims at providing easy-to-access online rental bookings of Bikes, Self-Drive cars, Chauffeur Driven cars and 12+ to 50 seating buses.


www.zipzapzoom.in is a vehicle rental booking platform currently operational in Bangalore and Hyderabad. We collaborate with service operators of Bikes, Self-Drive Cars, Chauffeur Drive Cars and 12+ to 50 seating buses and list the pricings of all the vehicles under one platform so that you do not call multiple vendors for pricing, availability of vehicle or to find any other added features like A/C, entertainment boxes etc.
Currently we are operational in Bangalore and Hyderabad. We are expanding to other major cities in India soon. Check our website frequently and get updated with the information and offers.
Zip Zap Zoom is a one stop site for vehicle rentals. Whether it is a holiday trip with family or friends, a marriage occasion, a team outing from your work place, or a road trip on a bike that you loved the most, we have the services crafted to suit your specific need.
Yes, you will get the invoice after the completion of the trip to your registered email address.
Go to www.zipzapzoom.in and choose your vehicle category from the list
  • 1) Bikes
  • 2) Self-Drive cars
  • 3) Chauffeur Driven cars
  • 4) 12+ to 50 Seating buses
Select the start and end dates of your travel and hit search. List of vehicles will appear based on the vehicle category with pricing, availability of vehicle and additional features of the vehicle. Select the appropriate vehicle and wait for it's confirmation on availability and upon availability you can book the vehicle by making partial payment.
For chauffeur driven cars and 12+ to 50 seating vehicles we have two categories of booking available.
  • 1)Limited time travel &
  • 2) Outstation Travel
Limited time travel: It's a 8 hours, 80 Kms concept which is quite suitable for short and within the city borders trips. Rates vary based on the vehicle requirements.
Outstation Travel: This category of travel is rated on kilometer basis with driver allowances. Rates vary based on the vehicle requirements. Minimum kilometers charged is this category is 300 Kms per day.
Unlike any single vendor or service providers, www.zipzapzoom.in offers vehicles from multiple vendors with different prices and type of vehicles. Our extensive fleet lets you book a vehicle and choose from multiple options according to your budget and preference.
Yes we offer services to corporates. Please contact our customer care at +91-6303267211 or drop an e-mail at enquiry@www.zipzapzoom.in

Got a question that wasn't answered above? Get in touch with us at enquiry@www.zipzapzoom.in

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  • E mails: enquiry@zipzapzoom.in
  • Working Hours: 09:30-21:00 except on Sundays